Kaiser Chiefs

Never miss a beat…. or never miss a shot! What an experience this was! This show was close to my two year anniversary working at the arena and I would say it was a pretty good celebration at that.

Being such a fan of the band, it was a highlight for me to be able to photograph them for not one but for two nights in my home town! I remember trying to work out where the band was standing or what the big moment was!

I missed a few things on the first night, but on the second I took my moment! I knew around 6 songs in, Ricky the frontman would be standing on the balcony to perform! I wasn’t sure if I would be allowed to stand up there but I took a chance and it paid off!

The stand outshot standing with the spotlight shining on him! I remember feeling a buzz when I knew I had it.

PhotosKaiser ChiefsWhereBonus Arena, HullYear2020

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